Our Community

The Towans is a special home and we want all of our residents to lead a happy and fulfilled life doing what makes them happy. Jo is our Activity Co Ordinator and organises great Activities and Events 5 days a week which anyone can do or we spend one to one time for support or companionship if that is preferred.    

Jo plans a monthly programme of events and provides every resident a weekly copy to keep them informed. We aim to provide occasions where people feel free to join in and participate in their hobbies and pass times. We try and tailor our organisation of events to best match the various abilities of our Residents and we always welcome new ideas to add to our entertainment, we have recently purchased a ''wii'' to encourage new technology to a new generation!


We can try anything within reason, we are all only limited by our imaginations. If you would like to try something let us know. Raising a laugh and a smile is great, or just knowing that we have enriched someones day by spending a little one to one time - chatting over a cup of tea or doing nails, both these are popular. On a monthly basis we are holding a Residents Forum - a time for a discussion on the home's events and happenings in general so everyone gets a chance to have a say in how they want to spend their time and how its all going.


Various visitors entertain at The Towans. 'Sing - a - Longs' and the Piano Man are popular. We have a visiting qualified Aromotherapist, at a small charge, and she has got to understand what our residents like - a gentle hand and arm massage and a quiet talk is often very soothing if someone is feeling a bit low or just wants to be pampered for a while.


We arrange fetes at Christmas and in the Summer and we have encouraged local crafts people to come and set up stall. We have had many fund raising events including for BARB, the Burnham Lifeboat hovercraft which arrived on the lawn this summer, and other local charities for whom we have raised around £500 for in recent months.


A 'Pimms Moment' is a treat in the garden for summer, our garden is a real suntrap and we have comfortable funiture and awnings we set up to keep the sun at bay. We have a patch of garden for the Residents - this year it was planted with sweet peas that we used for flower arranging and displays around the home.


Everyone is welcome to take part in any of the organised activties including Visitors. We have something happening almost every day - check the notice board for the latest events and come along. We do photograph some activities so that families can share the fun we have had. If you don't wish the photo's of yourself, relative or friend to be used around the home of course we will respect your privacy - just let us know.