Our Rooms

We have 28 lovely bedrooms in our home, when you come to stay your room can be comfortably furnished by us with everything you need. Although if you prefer you can bring your own furnishings if you wish. Everyone is encouraged to bring photos, pictures and personal knick knacks to add those important personal touches - this is your space for you to enjoy.  We have lovely day rooms as well, described below.

Located down our wooded drive, The Towans offers a really quiet and peaceful location away from the busy Berrow Road but still being really accessible to the Town and all main routes.  We are on top of the sand dunes overlooking a quiet part of the beach and on a clear day Exmoor and the South Wales coast are seen over the water.    There are lots of lovely Bedrooms at The Towans.  All Bedrooms offer a comfortable bed and a seating area, TV points and Telephone points which you can connect a private line to* and all but one have en suite toilets, some also have showers.  A number of bedrooms have wonderful views over Bridgewater Bay, others have pleasant views of the gardens, others with patio doors leading outside to the garden or onto a balcony area.  Some bedrooms are bigger than others and this is reflected in the fees.   However all rooms offer have their own charm and the chance to be personalised and we do encourage this in order to create your own Home from Home.*    On the Ground Floor we have a number of Day Rooms and places for Residents and Visitors to enjoy.  We have a small TV lounge with large plasma TV and DVD equipment which is adjoined to the Conservatory.  The Conservatory is a good place to meet visitors and have a cup of tea and cake and also has access to the Garden.  The Garden has been designed with good level paths, filled with shrubs and flowers which will survive the sea air, and in the summer we get out the chairs, tables and gazebo and enjoy the outside.       We have a bright 'bistro style' Dining Room where Residents can take any or all of their meals with their friends.   The Dining Room has original features from the original house and looks out onto the garden.  It is a lovely room for people to enjoy their food.  This room is also used for Activities and socialising at other times, for example a buffet evening which we have several times a year.   We also have the Garden Lounge which is a light filled room surrounded on 3 sides by ....Garden!   With large Patio windows and doors it is a great place to enjoy.  This room is a 'TV free' zone and as well as being used for Activities, it is a good place for people to sit and chat with visitors, listen to Music, read the paper and generally relax.   The photos on this website are all taken at The Towans but come and see for yourself as it is a lovely home.   Other important rooms in the house are the Bathing facilities.  We have refitted all the bathrooms in the last couple of years.  We have a purpose built bath in a very pleasant bathroom in which Residents really enjoy a good soak.  The bath has its own lifting mechanism and chair which can be wheeled away from the bath.  So even people with poor mobility can be helped into and out of the bath very comfortably and safely.  We also have two showers, one of which takes a mobile shower chair and is a wet room, so again showers can be enjoyed in comfort and safety.    *Note: If people decide to bring their own furniture or electrical equipment, we will have to make health and safety checks to ensure items are suitable and safe and we do need to reserve the right to say no if any particular items do not satisfy our checks.  Private telephone lines are paid for by the client, not the home.