Residents can invite friends or relatives to visit at any time or your visitors can just drop in to see you. Our residents often go out with their visitors to local attractions, or perhaps just into town for an ice cream and to enjoy some time on the sea front.

Visitors are very welcome at any time, although we do ask if meal times can be avoided if possible as it is quite a busy time for us.  Visitors can meet residents in any of the public areas or visit Residents in their rooms.  We offer refreshments to our Visitors and if Visitors would like to join us for a meal, if they have had a long journey for example, then with a little notice that usually can be arranged (a small contribution may be charged).


We are easy to find and are only a couple of miles from the M5 motorway, a map is given on the Contacts page.


We do value feedback from Visitors and sometimes Visitors spot things we may have missed, so Visitors should not hesitate to let us know straight away if something is not quite right or they don't understand why we may be doing what we are doing.  It is far better to say something straight away as this gives us the opportunity to change things and put them right there and then if that's what's required.  Please discuss any issues with the Senior Carer on Duty or the Manager who will action your comments.  We also may ask Visitors to complete quality assurance questionnaires from time to time and we really appreciate participation in this.  Positive feedback is also good to have and it always gets fed back to staff to let them know about a job well done.